I'm Weston, a Product Design Leader.

Poker Pro turned Product Designer of 10+ years. Deeply strategic, curious, and self-driven. I help B2B startups and SMBs create products their business needs and their customers love. I thrive at solving complex and ambiguous problems, systems thinking, product intuition, communication and shaping product vision.

Some of my work.

Granular Task Manager - Designing a best in class work management tool for farmers from the ground up, reducing churn by 18%.

Rockbot Music Dashboard - A rethink of the way businesses find music for their stores, increasing trial-to-paid by 110% and reducing support tickets by 42%.

Granular Farm Dashboard - Leading a 0 to 1 initative to elevate value to farmers more quickly, increasing NPS by 12 and WAU by 12%.

Rockbot Jukebox App - A reimagining of how users find and discover music on iOS & Android (500k+ users), increasing WAU by 32% and paid users by 14%.

What drives my work.

Curiosity first.
I lead with curiosity in everything that I do. I believe it's the primary ingredient in delivering amazing experiences and business outcomes.

Don't wait for direction on driving impact. Find it and create it.
I'm relentless in my quest for driving value and impact. I believe design is uniquely positioned to paint a vision for where impact lies, and get people on board. 

Deep and broad thinker.
I enjoy working on products that allow me to go deep and broad. A few modes of thinking I use - systems thinking, first principles, mental models, probabilistic thinking and JTBD. 

Always weighing cost to value.
Poker taught me to always be calculating the ROI of every decision. With design, it's no different, only the inputs to the equation have changed.